Welcome to Grounded Shadow Work

What is your intention?

What is your priority in your life? What feels really important to you? Do you want to feel more joy, love, self-worth, freedom, calmness, security, or power in your life? Are you trying to live from your soul, your heart, your authentic self, or your adult self? If so, then I would be really happy to help you discover and heal the shadows that are getting in the way for you.

Are you willing to look within?

Most of us spend our lives looking for joy, love, and happiness through improving ourselves, succeeding, getting approval from others, and achieving the “perfect” external circumstances. I’ve discovered in my own life that no accomplishment, no amount of luxury, and no amount of love from outside of myself was ever enough to get rid of my feelings of anxiety, unworthiness, and loneliness. I help people to find what they are looking for within themselves by healing the mental and emotional blocks in the way.

What is Grounded Shadow Work?

In the context of therapeutic work, a shadow is something you don’t see clearly. If we are suffering in any way, there must be something we aren’t seeing clearly enough. When we see an issue clearly enough, we can know how to resolve it. My work is to help you to see your mental and emotional issues more clearly so we they can be permanently resolved. I call this “grounded shadow work” because it is meant to have a very real and tangible impact on your experience of life.