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I may be able to help you through 1-on-1 counseling on Skype

What can I help you with?

Relationship Issues: Triggers, abandonment issues, anger, drama, codependency, resentment, feeling trapped, closing your heart, jealousy, trust issues, affairs, anxiety, breakups, unworthiness, manipulation, controlling, and uncertainty.

Self-Worth Issues: You feel not good enough, inadequate, insecurity, unworthiness, self-doubt, insufficient, shame, broken, defective, that everything you do is wrong, or like you are a terrible person.

Weak & Fragile: You feel weak, insecure, fragile, vulnerable, soft, not solid, unsafe, or like a child. You want to go from feeling like a boy/girl to feeling like a man/woman.

Success Isn't Enough: You are smart, successful, and wealthy, but you still feel lacking, empty, bland, unfulfilled, disconnected from people, anxiety, or pressure to keep proving yourself.

Anxiety & Fear: You experience social anxiety, or you feel anxiety about work, school, money, your health, death, or your identity.

Loneliness: You have a deep sense of loneliness, feeling all alone, excluded, abandoned, or disconnected from others.

Isolating Yourself: You isolate yourself because you don't trust people or don't like people and feel much better when you're alone. 

Too Analytical: Your mind is always busy strategizing, controlling, and figuring things out. You feel empty, anxious, or unfulfilled, and you want to experience more joy, love, calmness, or aliveness.

Inauthentic: You want to live from your authentic self, but you end up adapting out of fear.

A Stubborn Issue: You have done a lot of emotional, psychological, or spiritual "work" already, but there is one particular issue that just won't go away. 

Energetic Issue: You want to let go of a painful energy in your body, such as the sensation of a rock in your stomach, a fog around you, a heaviness in your chest, or any other sensation that feels energetic. 

Actions & Decisions: You can't get yourself to do what you want, you can't stop doing something you don't want to do, or you don't know what to do.

Specific Desire: You want to feel happy, open-hearted, calm, or free in a particular situation, but you don't know how. 

Coaches & Therapists: If it is your job and mission to help others, I would love to support you with any of the mental and emotional difficulties you experience. 

What happens in a session?

The intention of 1-on-1 sessions is to help you to permanently lose a particular unwanted emotion, thought, trigger, pattern, or action. I want to find and address the root of your unwanted experience so that there is none of it left inside you. No maintenance required. I can't tell you how I do this because there are infinite possibilities as I work purely from my intuition. However, what I can tell you is that around 75% of each session is spent guiding the client through various exercises to bring up, feel, release, let go of, undo, disbelieve, heal, or unhook unwanted beliefs and emotions. This is always meant to have an immediate experiential impact. 

How am I able to help you?

I want to live with joy, love, kindness, enthusiasm, power, calmness, connection, and authenticity. This simple desire has taken me on a journey to discover and heal an incredible variety of painful emotions and beliefs. Whenever my experience feels contracted, dense, heavy, or painful, I explore and heal whatever is going on in my mind or body in order to come back to peace and freedom. Naturally, every time I was able to let go of a painful experience, I naturally became happier. But, on top of this, I would develop more wisdom and clarity to help others to let go of their painful beliefs and emotions. 

All of the issues I mentioned above are painful experiences that I had in my own life and managed to let go of. Since I have a deep and intimate understanding of each painful experience mentioned above from my own life, I have an incredibly sharp sensitivity to sense and understand what's causing these painful experiences in my clients. When people feel trapped or stuck with a particular painful experience, and can't find a way out, I show them the doorway they couldn't see. My sensitivity helps me to see where the issue comes from and my wisdom helps to me to see how to heal it. 

I have been doing this since 2010 and have helped well over 1,000 individual clients. I am not a doctor or therapist of any kind. My wisdom comes from my own path.

Practical Information

  • Investment: I offer a package of 3 sessions for $495, 6 sessions for $895, and 12 sessions for $1595.
  • Where: On Skype, not in-person.
  • Duration: Sessions are for 1 hour. I am only available for support during our sessions. 
  • Recordings: You can choose to have video recordings of our sessions. This can help you to get more value from the sessions if you watch them over again.
  • Frequency: You can choose to schedule sessions once a week or once every 2 weeks, but it is not an option to have a session every once in a while. This is because I like to work with people who are committed to go on a healing journey together. 
  • Number of sessions: I can't tell you how many sessions you will need to completely lose your issue. All I can say is that the vast majority of clients are very happy with the experiential impact from each session.
  • Scheduling: I work Sunday to Thursday, mornings and nights, in order accommodate work schedules. After you pay for sessions, you will automatically be redirected to my scheduling page. 

Would you like to sign up for sessions?

If you are struggling with any of the issues I shared above, then I welcome you to buy a package of sessions below. If you don't fit into any category I mentioned, read the next section. 

Are we the right fit for each other?

My desire is to work with people who I have the most potential to help. I am a real genuine human being writing this text. I have no desire to work with clients who are struggling with issues that I don't believe I can help with. That wouldn't be enjoyable for either of us. While I am incredibly skilled at helping with some issues, I am definitely not the right fit for every issue nor everyone. 

If you are unsure as to whether I can help you, then I invite you to send me an email at Please share with me some of your story and what you are looking for help with. I will then get back to you about whether I believe I can help you, or if I know someone/something else that may be better suited for your needs. If you can't afford my rates for sessions, you're welcome to ask for a discount.

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