Are you looking for support?

I may be able to help you through 1-on-1 counseling on Skype

What am I offering?

I offer 1-on-1 counseling via Skype to help you to more easily lose negative beliefs, let go of painful emotions, and experience more joy, love, safety, happiness, connection, and peace in your life.

**Due to coronavirus, I am now offering sessions to support people with the fear and loneliness that has been activated and magnified by the coronavirus situation.**

1) Are you struggling within your relationship?

I want to help you to experience more love, joy, calmness, freedom, and connection within your romantic relationship. This is for people who are deeply committed to find happiness within themselves and take responsibility for their own suffering while being in a relationship. I work with individuals, as well as with both partners together and separately. Here are some issues I help with:

  • Fear of doing what you want, feeling trapped, can’t say “no” to your partner
  • You are distancing yourself, closing your heart, walking away, avoiding commitment
  • Dealing with triggers of feeling hurt and rejected
  • You feel responsible for your partners’ happiness, and nothing you do is ever enough.
  • It feels like you’re being blamed for your partner’s suffering, and always doing something wrong
  • Fear of abandonment, loneliness, or losing your partner
  • Feeling like you don’t deserve love, you’re unworthy of love, or not good enough
  • Co-dependency: Looking for safety, happiness, and love from your partner instead of within yourself
  • Holding onto resentment, judgment, or anger towards your partner
  • Sneaky patterns of controlling and manipulation are impacting your relationship
  • Fear of your partner getting upset with you, being disappointed with you, or not loving you
  • Too much drama, too many arguments, and too much intensity

2) Do you want support with any of these issues?

In my journey of exploring my thoughts and emotions, I have wound up experiencing and witnessing a tremendous amount of emotional pain and negative beliefs. It took me a lot of time, energy, and suffering to make it out of some of these. I now offer sessions for some of these issues that I was able to clear out in order to make your journey out of suffering as quick and easy as it can be. Here are some issues I help with:

  • You feel not good enough, inadequate, insecurity, self-doubt, or insufficient.
  • You believe you are superior to others, and frequently judge others to be worse than you.
  • You have money or success, but it never feels like enough to relax or feel safe
  • Always feel pressure to prove that you are great, the best, or good enough in some way.
  • You are inauthentically kind, put others first, do what they want, and forgive too easily.
  • You feel deeply unworthy, defective, broken, or worthless.
  • You feel like you are a terrible person because of a specific reason or for no reason at all.
  • You have a deep sense of loneliness, feeling all alone, or disconnected from others
  • You believe that you don’t deserve joy, love, peace, success, or anything good.
  • You feel fragile, weak, small, vulnerable, insecure, or like a child. Can’t stand up for yourself.

3) Have you done a lot of "work" on yourself?

Have you spent years on healing, spirituality, therapy, or self-help? I know how amazing, freeing, and empowering this path can be. But, I also know how painful, frustrating, and disempowering it can be when we can't seem to lose a particular emotion, belief, trigger, or pattern. I would like to help you with the blocks that seem really difficult and you haven’t been able to address in all the other ways. In addition to issues mentioned above, here are some other issues I help with:

  • You want to live from your authentic self.
  • You want to "grow up" to feel safe and solid, instead of like a fragile child.
  • You want to find wholeness, safety, connection, and love within yourself instead of searching outside.
  • You have difficulties being yourself or speaking your truth in social interactions or with your career.
  • You need help breaking out of the beliefs and patterns that come from your parents.
  • You feel confused by all the different conflicting paths and messages from different teachers. 
  • You have stumbled across feelings of wanting to die, hating yourself, or not wanting to live.
  • You want to break out of addiction to healing, obsession with enlightenment, or idolizing a teacher.
  • You want help undoing blocks, judgments, and resistance to money, power, and success.
  • You keep trusting teachers, healers, therapists, and gurus above your own intuition.

How exactly can I help you?

Through many years of working on my own emotions, I have broken free of many different types of unwanted beliefs and emotions. Through my journey, I have discovered many ways of helping people that you can see below. But, most importantly, with each painful belief/emotion that I lost, I gained more wisdom, clarity, acceptance, and intuitive sharpness. I now have a deep intuitive sensitivity that enables me to sense what's going on behind the words and emotions that people express. This sensitivity is what makes all of the following tactics mean something. Here are some ways I will help in sessions:

  • Identify hidden beliefs or emotions that are causing your pain or pattern
  • Disbelieve false conclusions you unconsciously formed about yourself or life
  • Release emotions that you unknowingly buried during painful times in your life
  • Support you to feel or express the painful emotions you’ve been running from
  • Let go of collective societal beliefs of what is right, best, perfect, bad, and good
  • Give your inner child the love, safety, kindness, and respect you are looking for
  • Identify and break your hidden attachment to painful emotions and negative beliefs
  • Let go of beliefs and emotions from your parents and ancestors that you think are yours
  • Create space between who you are and the emotional/mental issues you experience
  • Get access to the root of where the belief/emotion first came from
  • Deeply see, hear, understand, and accept the parts of you that have been rejected and ignored.
  • Shed light on painful beliefs/patterns you don’t realize you have because they seem “normal”
  • Drop negative beliefs and stories that seem to define who you are
  • Accept you so fully that deeply buried beliefs/emotions feel safe enough to come to the surface
  • Find, support, and strengthen the beautiful qualities of your authentic self
  • Open new pathways towards qualities and behaviors that are outside of your frame of reference

Who is Noah Elkrief

I am a human being doing my best to live life authentically, joyously, peacefully, lovingly, and freely. I pursue this by being really honest with myself about when I feel contraction, tension, density, or heaviness in my experience. Each time I notice one of these experiences, I meet it with openness, acceptance, courage, and commitment. As I do this, I find my life filled with increasingly more lightness, and increasingly less suffering. 

I now share the wisdom I’ve gained through my experiences to help people break out of mental and emotional prisons. I have been offering 1-on-1 sessions since 2010, and have worked with well over 1,000 individual clients. My book "A Guide to The Present Moment" has been downloaded by over 100,000 people and my Youtube channel has over 215,000 subscribers and 17 million views.

Are we the right fit for each other?

My desire is to work with people who I have the most potential to help. Therefore, I want to try to only accept clients that are struggling with issues that I feel confident I can help with. While I am incredibly skilled at helping with some issues, I am definitely not the right fit for every issue nor everyone. Therefore, it's important to know...  

  • I am not a therapist, a psychiatrist, or a doctor of any kind. I do not accept clients who suffer from psychological disorders or are suicidal. I do not take clients who feel unstable or are having a hard time functioning.
  • I do not take clients that are looking for frequent support. I am generally not available to answer questions or provide support outside of the hour of Skype sessions. Therefore, if you feel that you need more emotional support than that, then I recommend that you work with someone else.
  • In my sessions, I very actively work to address the root of my client's emotional issues. Sessions with me are not right for you if you are interested in venting, just talking, or trying to change your external circumstances to feel better. 

Practical Information

  • Investment: I offer a package of 3 sessions for $495, 6 sessions for $895, and 12 sessions for $1595.
  • Where: On Skype, not in-person.
  • Duration: Sessions are for 1 hour. I am only available for support during our sessions. 
  • Recordings: You can choose to have video recordings of our sessions. This can help you to get more value from the sessions if you watch them over again.
  • Frequency: You can choose to schedule sessions once a week or once every 2 weeks, but it is not an option to have a session every once in a while. This is because I like to work with people who are committed to go on a healing journey together. 
  • Number of sessions: I can't tell you how many sessions you will need for your issue. All I can say is that the vast majority of clients are very happy with experiential impact they feel after every session.
  • Scheduling: I work Sunday to Thursday, mornings and nights, in order accommodate work schedules. After you pay for sessions, you will automatically be redirected to my scheduling page. 

Would you like to sign up for sessions?

If you are struggling with any of the issues I shared above, then I welcome you to buy a package of sessions below. If you don't fit into any category I mentioned, read the next section. 

Would you like to check whether I can help you?

If I didn't mention the issue you're struggling with, I invite you to send me an email at Please share with me some of your story and what you are looking for help with. I will then get back to you about whether I believe I can help you, or if I know someone/something else that may be better suited for your needs. If you can't afford my rates for sessions, you're welcome to ask for a discount as I offer reduced price sessions to a few people each month. 

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